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Waterproof tape for kitchen and bathroom
Item No.: Conet 105

 Waterproof tape for kitchen and bathroom is mainly compounded by PE adhesive skin, butyl adhesive, and release film (or wrinkle release paper). It is mainly used for waterproofing and beautification of kitchen and bathroom areas, solving the problems of mould, blackening and stinking of glass glue and other products. At present, the company's products are mainly exported to the European and American markets.


 1.Product Use

65 series products waterproof tape, mainly used in washbasin, sink, dishwashing sink and other scenes, play a waterproof sealing and neat role.

2.Product characteristics

Environmentally friendly, no smell, good adhesive properties, not easy to fall off.

3.Technical Parameters

(1) Density: 1.5±0.1 g/cm3;
(2) heat resistance: 120 ℃, 2h No flow, cracking;
(3) Low-temperature flexibility: -40℃ without cracks;
(4) bonding strength: ≥ 120KPa
(5)peeling strength: ≥ 20 N/cm;
(6)PE skin thickness: 0.7mm, butyl rubber thickness: 0.8mm.

4.How to use

(1) Firstly, remove any debris on the surface and keep the surface dry.
(2)Cut the tape according to the length required
(3)Tear off the release film on the surface, stick it on the required part and press it firmly.
5.Commonly used product specifications (width*length)

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